Physio Led Exercise Sessions

Exercise has been shown time and time again to improve not only recovery from injury and illness but also general lifestyle factors. By getting stronger, more flexible, more mobile and having more endurance, athletic performance increases and so does your ability to interact with your family, friends and social circle as well as completing daily tasks such as lifting and carrying. Life can be hard enough so let’s make one part a little easier!

At Physifitt, we offer a variety of Physio Led Exercise Sessions which are all completed under the watchful eye of our fully qualified Therapists. This gives us a unique advantage as we can ensure any aches or pains are swiftly accounted for within your session.

Hybrid Motion

mindful movement

Hybrid Motion is an innovative exercise course comprising elements of yoga, pilates, relaxation and strength and conditioning. It aims to improve your mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance through gentle bodyweight movement flows progressing through the block to include resistance bands and light weights based on your ability.

Currently, this course is offered on a one to one basis at our Hamilton clinic as well as within a group setting at our East Kilbride clinic. It is suitable for all levels as we tailor the class to your ability following the findings of your assessment.

Hybrid Motion is especially useful for people who may have been struggling with injury or illness for some time and are looking to return to activity or build back to their chosen sport.

If you would like more information on our Hybrid Motion Programme please do not hesitate to contact us.

Strength and Conditioning Programmes

Strength and conditioning programmes are available as one off plans or as a 12 week block. These are completed online in a remote capacity and are suitable for people looking to build overall body strength and improve their fitness levels.

image S&C plans

You will be sent an initial form so we can understand your current level and what your goals are as well as take in to account any injuries or illnesses that you may be recovering from.

We are uniquely placed to help those people who have perhaps already completed a course of treatment and are looking to enhance their recovery further or those who are conscious of their body and looking to improve upon their current strength and fitness levels. Our Strength and Conditioning plans help bridge the gap between therapy and performance and will work towards your performance and recovery goals.

If you would like more information on our Strength and Conditioning plans please just get in touch.